Attract Abundance In 2020


  Recognise and banish your limiting beliefs about lack, luck and selfishness, learn to be open and grateful, to create a flow of blessing into your life


Do you often feel deprived?  That you haven’t got enough of what you want and that true abundance is denied to you?  This could be because of your limiting beliefs.  Abundance is all around you – open up and let it sweep you away!  Learn the following:


  • Limiting beliefs
  • Things can come easy
  • You do deserve it
  • The generosity of the Universe is limitless
  • ‘Luck’ isn’t random
  • Fear of lack doesn’t have to rule your life
  • Wanting things isn’t selfish
  • You can attract bounty by the thoughts and feelings you generate



Many of us have been brought up with beliefs about what we deserve and are able to attract.  These may include:

  • Nothing comes easy – you have to work really hard and even then you might not succeed
  • You don’t deserve it
  • There isn’t enough for everyone to have plenty
  • Some folk are just lucky – I’m not!
  • Fear of poverty and lack is a normal part of life
  • Wanting things is selfish

There may also be other beliefs you have about what you can and can’t have.  Have a think about these and ask yourself where they came from.  Whatever they are, they are not true!  Abundance can be yours if you truly believe it.


If you think about this you will realise it is rubbish.  There are plenty of people to whom lots of things come easy – why shouldn’t they to you?  (See the point about ‘luck’ below)  There are others who work themselves into the ground and never get what they want.  So abundance is not directly related to effort.

To attract abundance, do what you enjoy.  Being idle isn’t a good idea but neither is overdoing it.  Develop your talents, find work that is fulfilling and the joy you experience will create a positive flow.



Why not?  If you believe that then you’ve been guilt-tripped somewhere along the way, made to feel bad and unworthy.  But you are a child of the Universe and the Universe delights in showering you with its goodies.  If you turn away saying you’re unworthy, then the supply will naturally dry up.

Even if you’ve had lots of sad experiences of loss and deprivation, they were not your ‘fault’.  You don’t merit punishment.  However, because of your negativity you may have created a channel for misfortune.  You can change that.  You are essentially good, a being of light, and you are learning how to let that light shine outwards, showing a pathway to abundance.



The resources of the Universe are infinite.  The resources of this world have been mismanaged, but to believe you have to deny yourself because there are people in some parts of the world who are deprived is simply to be part of another culture of guilt.  You going without will do no-one any good.  You developing yourself and becoming more rich, powerful and fulfilled can be a centre of happiness and benevolence that spreads healing and hope.  And you can be generous, enjoying the giving, too!



Yes, some are, and why is that?  Because they believe they are!  Research has shown that if you go through life with a relaxed and happy attitude you spot lots of ‘lucky’ breaks that more negative souls miss.  Life gives us all buying signals – don’t miss them through being glum.

Of course there are times in life when everything seems against you and when some really challenging stuff happens, but even then it’s vital to keep a positive mind-set.  These circumstances are teaching you and making you stronger.    Often what seems like ‘bad’ luck turns out good in the end.



Most of us have been brought up with the idea that nature is about survival of the fittest.  However, the more research is done on animals that more it turns out that they often look after their old and sick and survival of the fittest is not the law.

The law of life is the law of love.  We all feel better, stronger, safer and well-connected when we give and receive love.  There is no need to look out with frightened eyes, focussing on what could threaten you.  Look instead for what nurtures you, and what or whom you can love.  A feeling of confidence will then come naturally.



One of the saddest beliefs carried by so many people is that they may be ‘selfish’ because they think of themselves.  The truth is the opposite – the only way to be truly unselfish is to prioritise your own interests.  Fill your own well so you can refresh others.  Fasten your own life-belt first, so you can effectively save others.  It’s obvious, really.

You are your own best, most powerful, truly perfect tool for doing good, spreading joy and giving healing.  If you are not ok, no-one and nothing near you can be ok.  If you are unhappy, needy etc. then you are creating a negative atmosphere for everyone else.  So shed the worst ‘limiting belief’ of all – that silly idea about selfishness.



There is something called the “Law of Attraction’.  It states that you get what you believe you’ll get.  So if you want to attract abundance, imagine abundance, feel abundance and be grateful for abundance.

Spend time each day losing yourself in a wonderful fantasy of an abundant life.  In the fantasy you have all the love, health and money you could require, to be fulfilled.  Really experience the sensation of abundance.  Light a gold candle and focus on your ideas for as long as you can, starting with two minutes a day and working up to ten.

Whenever you catch yourself giving yourself negative messages, replace them with positives and spend a minute once again imagining abundance.

In addition, be grateful.. Let your heart fill with gratitude for the blessings you have, and if you feel you don’t have many at the moment, what about being grateful for a fragrant cup of coffee?  A beautiful rose?  A shaft of bright sunlight?


Once you start to notice all the blessings in your life, they will multiply, you will feel enriched.  The flow of abundance has started – open your heart to contentment and fulfilment.