Stop Smoking

With hypnotherapy I can help you stop smoking

If you have decided that you want to stop smoking hypnotherapy will help get your subconscious mind on your side. It will also help you to calm your fears and see your way to freedom from smoking – the way is there, I promise you.

Your non-smoking session

Your non-smoking session will take an hour-and-a-half. During that time you will be hypnotised twice. The first time will be to relax you, so you understand what is happening, and realise that you are enjoying yourself! The second time will concentrate on enabling you to become the non-smoker that you want to be.

Hypnotherapy has advantages over other non-smoking aids

Hypnotherapy goes straight to the heart of the matter – in your subconscious mind. Physical addiction is of much less importance than your belief that you need cigarettes. Hypnotherapy helps you to realise that you are fine without them! More than this, it relaxes you, helps you get things in perspective and generally to feel more confident about life.

What about E-Cigarettes?

E-cigarettes work for some people and certainly it would seem they are better than smoking actual cigarettes. However, the jury is still out regarding the long-term effects. E-cigarettes still involve chemicals, and they do not give you the freedom that you want and deserve.

Defeating your demons

When you decide to stop smoking you have two demons to deal with. One is the addiction itself. That’s a really small demon, actually – the worst it can do is make you feel uncomfortable and twitchy for a while. It soon loses its power and dies.

The second demon is a lot more powerful – it’s the demon of your own beliefs and fears. How does this demon get its power? – from you! Your fear that you can’t stop smoking, your fear that without smoking your life will be awful, your fears that you are out of control and in the grip of something that you can’t escape.

Hypnotherapy deals with the big demon and reveals it for the paper tiger that it is. It puts you back in control, keeps you calm and thinking positively.

Much of the publicity about smoking intensifies these fears. Those awful messages and pictures on cigarette packets cause you to be more scared – and what do you do when you’re scared? Light up a cigarette, of course! Then often your self-esteem goes even lower, because even knowing the possible consequences you’re still smoking. Low self esteem = more smoking, leading to a ‘what the hell’ attitude.

Hypnotherapy starts with making you feel better about yourself, boosting you, so that your imagination works for you, not against you. You won’t be frightened, or put in a position where can’t do something you want to do. Instead you will feel more connected to your true self and able to make decisions accordingly.

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Liberate the non-smoker within – relax and breathe free!

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