If you care at all for Nature, if you have ever marvelled at, enjoyed or felt comforted in the presence of a tree, please share this and show your support.


‘There is more to a tree than a graceful shape…Trees are vital on every level.  They provide the …oxygen that we breathe, but they also soothe troubled emotions and open pathways to spirit.  These unmoving beings are busy, busy, busy’  Little Book of Nature Blessings P64


As I write, ancient woodland is being mercilessly hacked down.  Majestic trees are falling, tiny cubs are running in panic, chicks are flung from their nests and countless wildlife dying, just at a time of year when we should be celebrating the joy and fertility of Nature.


Why is this?  This is for a project that was doubtful from its inception, in terms of profitability.  There were – and are – objections from all political parties and from members of the aristocracy.  So this has nothing to do with politics, or with flourishing industry that will lead to jobs.   Now, with Brexit and Coronavirus, who, in the coming years, is going to need to get across the country in minutes?   Please let’s be clear – this is not freight.  This is about transporting wealthy bankers, hedge-fund managers and top financiers to meetings they will now mostly not have to attend.   Trees are falling now, animals are dying, simply to line the pockets of those doing the felling.  HS2 will probably never be built, yet this wholesale destruction is being pushed through, illegally and immorally, when the eyes of the nation, and the BBC are elsewhere.


Cry Shame!


Life and death are a cycle, and for the most part nature worshippers are realistic.  Some trees are sacrificed – with reverence and gratitude – for the wood they provide.  This is the same with so many aspects of nature, through cornfields to cut flowers.  But the current devastation is another matter entirely.  It is heinous and brutal – and totally pointless.


Those of us who channel wisdom from spiritual realms have been given the message that our current pandemic is a warning and an opportunity.  Mother Nature has, as it were ‘sent us to our rooms’ to think about our behaviour in regard to the planet.  We have the chance now to heed the warning and change the way we treat animals, plants, the environment and ourselves.  This pandemic has caused grief to many thousands, but it has not decimated billions.  It could be worse.  Let’s mend our ways.


On a practical level, scientists such as the primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall have issued clear warnings about the dangers we are risking as a result of tampering with nature.  We know what has happened, and we know what could happen.  Most of us understand this, most of us want a better world.


Each of us matters.  We will not know when we might, by our carelessness, tip natural balance to the point of no return so our civilisation falls.  Similarly, we cannot know when some seemingly small effort by a lone individual tips the balance the other way and starts the process of change for the better.  So please share this, raise awareness, do your bit.


Einstein said ‘The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.’ 


Please, please do something.  A better future is a few clicks away.


Many blessings

Teresa Dellbridge Beltane 2020