Hypnotic Gastric Band


Get rid of weight smoothly and permanently

Being overweight is the cause of so much unhappiness and ill-health. We all know that over-weight is caused by eating in a way that is wrong for our bodies, and so many people cut down on food, often with negative and damaging results.

Diets don’t work

How many people do you know that are on a diet, or have been on one, or are planning to go on one? And how many have actually attained their ideal weight and are still at that weight, two years later? Not many, I am sure.

If you are planning to go on a diet yourself, you may have set the start date and quite possibly diet-damage has already begun, because even now you are disrupting your relationship with your body.

Inside you a little voice may be saying Aah, don’t worry. That extra chocolate won’t matter, because next week I’m going on a DIET! So the trouble starts.


Serial dieting can cause damage

For many people, serial dieting means they no longer know when they are hungry and they do not trust their body or their appetite. Eating is something that has to be controlled by will-power, often without success – and they never feel satisfied. Food becomes an enemy and meals are miserable. This is such a shame, because food is one of the basic pleasures of life and something to be greatly enjoyed.

If you’ve tried diet after diet, chances are each time you lose weight, only to put it back on again, plus a bit more. Each diet plays havoc with your system and slows your metabolism, making the task harder. The greatest hit is to your self-esteem ­ not only do you feel bad about the weight, but you also feel weak and a failure.

When you diet so much is stacked against you

Dieting is tough. Not only are you battling hunger pangs, disrupted routine and your imagination continually throwing up images of food. The diet industry is also an enemy, with its obsession with calories, making you think about food all the time. So called diet foods are often laden with chemicals and very lacking, nutritionally. Eventually, your poor metabolism is damaged.

Mind over platter

So, what’s the answer? It’s in your mind. By that I do not mean your willpower! Many dieters think they are weak-willed, when the opposite is usually that case. It’s easy to forget that the imagination is a thousand times stronger than the will and always wins in the end, with a knock-down image of sticky toffee pudding/fresh baked roll/juicy steak.

The solution lies with that mighty imagination, by getting it to work for you with hypnotherapy.

Use your subconscious

Hypnotherapy is gentle, and very pleasant. It is also very simple. You are eased into a state of mind that you go into naturally, many times a day. This is the hypnagogic state of day-dreaming, in which your subconscious can be reached and re-programmed. In hypnotherapy this hypnogogic state is encouraged, prolonged and used. Results often seem almost magical.


Hypnotic gastric band treatment

To deal with overweight, the most effective way of using hypnotherapy is by installing a hypnotic gastric band. During an initial two-hour session I build up a very personal picture of your experiences. I use techniques to boost self-image and bust compulsions. Communication with your subconscious enables me to get cooperation at a very deep level.

Following this I do two sessions of hypnosis. The first one will be recorded, so you have a hypnotic recording to play each day, tailored-made to your personal requirements. Last of all, the gastric band is put in place. Your mind is convinced you have had the operation, resulting in a significant change in eating habits. You’ll also feel very relaxed, with an increased confidence and positive attitude.

Successful weight management

Hypnotherapy for gastric band is currently the most effective and safest weight loss treatment available today. Getting your subconscious working with you will help you achieve the weight that you want comfortably and healthily.

During your first appointment you will have your Hypno gastric band fitted. Your band will restrict your food intake but leave you satisfied and full after every meal, helping you to lose the weight that you no longer want or need.

The process is simple and effortless leaving you calm and relaxed with a positive attitude to your future weight loss and increased energy levels. You will require three sessions in total ­ the first being for two hours then two subsequent maintenance sessions lasting for 50mins. After this your Gastric Band will be fully working.

The hypnotic gastric band is not a diet. It’s a state of mind, and although your subconscious believes the gastric operation has taken place, from a wider perspective what is really happening is that you’re being restored to that natural state where you eat what you need, enjoy it and stop when you’re full. In a way it restores your lost birthright ­ the right to enjoy eating!


Contact me

You can email me, or phone me on 07833 752173. I’m happy to answer all questions, with no obligation.


Yes. Some people go under easier, but everyone does in the end.

Definitely not. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and if you were asked to do something that is wrong for you, you’d come out of hypnosis.

The vast majority of people find it very effective, very quickly. If you have some very deep emotional issues at work, however, it’s possible you may need extra appointments. You can talk about this first.

Some people feel a little bit of nausea or heartburn but that soon wears off and is outweighed by the relaxing effect of the hypnosis.

That’s very individual, but if you have lots of weight to lose it tends to come off quickly at first. Remember this a new way of life, what you are losing is actual fat, not fluid, and establishing healthy eating patterns.

Exercise issues can certainly be included. I can use hypnotherapy to support any exercise programme you choose.