Hypno-chemo Support

Support for your healing journey

Your cancer diagnosis is probably the most challenging news you have ever faced. However, you are not alone, and you are not powerless. Hypnotherapy awakens your mind’s natural healing abilities, supporting your chemotherapy, or other treatments, and enabling you to feel better than you can imagine.

HYPNO-CHEMO is a specially designed programme helping you to:

Deal positively with your diagnosis

  • Take control
  • Form goals
  • Uphold the positive mental attitude that promotes healing
  • Understand your role as patient
  • Be clear about your needs
  • Maintain your recovery
  • Relax and enjoy life

Hypnotherapy is a simple yet very effective way of bringing about positive change, that is supported by medical research. It is calming and empowering. Contact me on 07833 752173, or email me. If you phone and get the voicemail, rest assured it is totally confidential, so leave your contact details clearly and I will get back to you. I’m happy to explain everything to you with no obligation and total confidentiality.

Appointments are available in Stroud and Gloucester.

Registered member of the association of natural medicine, 25 years clinical experience.

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