Stand comfortably, feet slightly apart, clasping your hands together under your chin, with your forearms pressed vertically against each other and against your chest.  Take a deep breath in, pushing your chin upwards with your fists and opening your elbows out, like a pigeon’s wings.  Blow your breath out through an open mouth as you bring down your elbows to touch one another, closing your arms again.  Now, with arms remaining closed, fists pushing gently upwards under your chin, draw in the deepest breath you can.  Feel it going right into your back, under your ribs.  You can ask a friend or partner to touch your back, just above your waist, to check the air is going that far down.  Lower your head as you breathe out completely.  Repeat the sequence three times, whenever    you need revitalising and calming. [Taken from ‘The Little Book of Nature Blessings’ pp 38-9]



Wherever you are, wherever you live, breathe deep of the gift of Air.  We are all on a journey – let’s see it as an adventure.  Go well!