If things in the world around you seem depressing and draining, don’t let it get you down.  This isn’t the whole story.  By developing your spirituality you can make yourself stronger and happier, and make a real difference to the world out there.



For many people in the developed world the days of organised religion are over.  Although materialism is rife and has replaced spirituality in lots of places, folk in increasing numbers are looking for their personal connection to the Divine and for ways to expand their awareness.  If you are seeking spiritual awakening it will help you to have a few pointers.


Learn about:

  • The meaning of spiritual awakening
  • Signs of spiritual awakening
  • Finding a teacher
  • Enhancing your awakening.



Put simply, this is the dawning of an awareness that there is a reality beyond this physical realm and that you need to connect with it.  Of course, once you realise this it brings many more implications.  For instance, it raises the question of what you should be doing with your life, whether you are fulfilling yourself and having a good effect on the world around you, or stumbling along wasting time or even doing damage through being preoccupied with yourself.


It also brings the realisation that there is life after death – or, as some people more accurately call it – life after life.  Questions about gods and goddesses, angels and spirit guides, karma and reincarnation may then rise into your mind.  Spiritual awakening does not demand that you find answers to these, or any other questions.  Spiritual awakening is a quest, and once you embark on it life becomes more meaningful and more wonderful.



The mere fact that you are asking yourself about this implies that your awakening has begun.


  • Your awakening often stirs with some personal crisis. Perhaps you are ill and in pain, and there seems no answer to this.  So you turn to some form of alternative healing or positive visualisation, and find, maybe to your surprise, that it helps.  Or you may feel utterly heartbroken and alone, but miraculously you glance at a patch of sunlight and your thoughts are transformed.  When this world seems at its most empty and desperate, then Spirit not infrequently breaks through
  • You begin to question the meaning of what you are doing in your life. Possibly you feel the urge to do something that benefits people, animals or the world at large.  It no longer seems enough to pursue your own comfort and enjoyment
  • You begin to notice meaningful ‘coincidences’ that guide you down certain paths. For instance you may come across a book, article or TV programme that gives you information or inspiration.  Perhaps you realise you’ve been saved from an accident or had a lucky break that takes your development forwards – as if you’re being nudged along a path.  This means you’re learning to go with the flow, listening to your instincts and harmonising with the world around you
  • Possibly you meet people that give you advice and guidance, and point you towards opportunities for more enlightenment. As you begin to awaken spiritually, often your friendships will change as old contacts seem less appealing and new ones inspire you
  • Generally you become aware that there is ‘something more’. You may not be able to put this into words, but it’s as if your mind is expanding, and you want to know more about – maybe you aren’t quite sure what, but the urge is there



It is said ‘When the pupil is ready, then the teacher will appear’.  However, this shouldn’t prevent you from looking for guidance.  You can learn all sorts of things from talks and workshops, and from talking to more advanced seekers, or simply others like you who have begun along their path.


When looking and accepting teaching it is very important to remember these points:

  • A true spiritual master will never claim to be able to save you, cure you, give you all the answers, to have magical powers or to be divine in some way. Although a true teacher may be able to do some or all of these things, you will make up your mind about this as time goes by.  A true teacher will not even claim to be especially spiritual
  • True spiritual teaching is never violent, never puts you against friends and family or seeks to break up your relationship and never tries to take money, or anything that you do not want to give. It certainly does not involve sexual seduction
  • Genuine spirituality is always loving energy, and is always positive
  • Deep in your heart you will know when something or someone is right for you. Don’t rush in or be seduced by a glamorous image.  Always give your intuition time to speak



Once you are on the path you will find that you naturally find the right people and things to help you.  There are also a few things you can do to be more open:

  • Meditate/practice mindfulness each day, even if only for a short while
  • Examine your negative emotions and assumptions. Spirituality does not mean you stop having these – at least not in the early stages – but trying to see them for what they are is the important step
  • Remind yourself to be kind, empathic, grateful and calm
  • Be open to all the signs of Spirit and to any opportunities to learn a little more
  • Learn to trust your intuition. The more you do this the better it will work for you

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