We are all stuck at home more at the moment.  Instead of getting frustrated and unhappy, try these simple but constructive tips, to make your home a haven



  • Create an atmosphere. When you are choosing your décor and domestic accessories, be aware of the impression you are creating.  Colours have a strong effect.  For instance, red is grounding and empowering, orange energizing, yellow brightening, green healing, blue calming, pink affectionate, lilac/purple spiritual.  Choose pure, clear hues and test an area before decorating the whole room.  What impact is this shade having on you?  It may take days to decide and even slight differences in tone can matter lots
  • Remember every ornament is symbolic. Souvenirs will remind you of holidays – were they peaceful?  Singing bowls and Buddha figures are meditative, pictures of sunsets relaxing.  Select with care.
  • Ban clutter – clear space is most soothing.  If you have more spare time on your hands, use it to get sorted.
  • Use crystals. One of the most serene is rose quartz, while amethyst will raise vibrations, calling on each family member to be their best, and calmest.
  • Keep pets. Animals have a special vibe.  With their simpler view of life and their perpetually open hearts, they enable us to stay in touch with deeper values, and allow our hearts to be open too.  Research has shown that cats and dogs relax us and promote well-being.
  • Music has an effect even after the hi-fi has been switched off. Classical music is uplifting, while chants will encourage spirituality.
  • Use scent wisely – smell is the most primitive sense and works instinctively and immediately. Lavender is very calming, but not if it reminds you of some old relative who put you down!  Scents should be natural – avoid commercial plug-ins and sprays – and be aware of how the smell affects you.
  • Turn off the television – it should not be left as background. Do you want your thoughts to be controlled by the media?  Choose the programmes you want to watch and at other times, do something else.
  • Have a family meal-time, where everyone sits down at the table and talks about their day. This should be a happy, communal occasion, with lit candles and maybe soft background music.  Children should not be pushed to eat food they don’t like, but they should be considerate and polite.  Teenagers can be encouraged to take part by cooking their own favourite meal.  Phones and nasty remarks (including parental nagging) are banned, jokes and laughter encouraged.  If you live alone, still turn your meal into a little ceremony with your own candle and music, and reflect on positive things while you munch.
  • Some arguments are inevitable, even if this is only your own internal wrangling or a clash with someone over the phone. Try to ‘fight fair’ allowing the other person to have their say, and if it’s a personal matter stay with how you feel rather than accusing and judging. Afterwards, to cleanse the atmosphere open all the windows and mentally drive out the grey clouds of negativity and the blackness of frustrated anger.  Burn a lemon joss stick, play soft music and reclaim your tranquil space.

Your thoughts and moods have the most powerful effect.  Meditate in your personal space.  Imagine that you are drawing in love and serenity.  Ask for the presence of angels and spirit guides, to guard your home, if you believe in these.  Stay safe, stay serene.