At the turn of the year it’s natural to feel that luck could ‘turn’ as well.  This is not unreasonable.  In the minds of most people there is a sense of change and this can create a psychic atmosphere that feels slightly unstable.  Time is moving on and you can restructure your life if you catch the tide.  There’s no harm in trying a few charms to help you on your way, even if these are merely a focus for the subconscious.


Learn how to:

  • Psychically cleanse your home
  • Organise ‘first footing’
  • Banish bad luck
  • Start the year right
  • Try tree magic



Before you settle for your socially distanced evening to end the year, cleanse your home physically and psychically.  This will drive out any negative spirits or stale energy from the dying year.  It will also beckon in vibrant spiritual presence for the coming twelve months.


Firstly, clean your home with duster and vacuum cleaner.  You don’t have to move furniture or do anything too time-consuming.  Just make sure that the place is neat and that you’ve sorted out messy corners.  This means that the energy in your home – called chi by the Chinese – can flow freely.  Stagnant chi can prevent you attracting good fortune.


Your second and most important cleansing task takes place on a spiritual level.  Go for a walk and be aware that you are experiencing the last throes of the dying year.  Look for a stone that is as close to a heart-shape as you can find.  Bring this home.


Now equip a tray with a lighted joss stick (any fragrance you like will do) a glass bowl containing spring water, a lit candle and your heart-shaped stone.  Starting at the top of your house, and/or at the point furthest from your front door, go into each room, briefly opening each window and mentally chasing out negativity, which you can imagine as grey clouds going out of the window.


In turn, take round each of the Elements, saying ‘Be blessed by Air’ as you hold the joss stick, ‘Be blessed by Fire’ with the candle, ‘Be blessed by Water’ as you sprinkle tiny drops from the bowl and ‘Be blessed by Earth’ with the stone.


Finally, arrange all four on your hearth, sit in front of them and say ‘Air bring inspiration and clear thought into this home, Fire bring energy and passion, Water bring love and healing, Earth bring protection and strength’.  Hold your Earth stone and imagine what you want for the coming year.


Leave the joss stick and candle to burn out, empty the water out onto the earth and keep the stone on your hearth, all year round, for good luck.



This custom has several variations.  It concerns the first person to come into the house after the clock has struck twelve on New Year’s Eve.  This first person brings the luck for the coming year.


You can arrange for a friend to knock on the door just after midnight, bringing with them a lump of coal (signifying the warmth of the hearth) some whisky, or other tipple and some nice food.  Symbolically this sets the scene for a year of abundance.



2020 has been less than happy for many of us, so leave all that behind with this little ritual.


Take your 2020 calendar or diary – or both! – and bind them round nine times with red thread.  Do this at sunrise on New Year’s Day.  Throw the bundle into a fire saying ‘Old year burn, old troubles do not return’.



That moment when the year begins is very potent.  Why do we kiss on the stroke of midnight?  Because old traditions state that what you are doing as the year turns you will be doing most of the year.


So don’t cry, however upset you are, and imagine positive things coming your way, so you’re smiling on the stroke of twelve.  If you’re on your own, light a candle and send love out into the world.  What you give out comes back to you.



All trees are special, making a wonderful connection to the earth.  Dance round a tree on New Year’s morning and you’ll enjoy health, wealth and happiness all the coming year.


It’s also a good idea to do your own ‘wassailing’.  This is a custom of waking up trees, especially apple trees, so they bear abundant fruit the coming autumn.  All trees benefit from your goodwill, so pour some of your favourite drink around the roots of a friendly tree, with a ‘thank you’ for just being there.  Ask the tree to grow well, continuing to bring the gift of beauty and shelter to your woodland, park or garden.  This affirms your connection with Nature and is a great way to start your year.


Good luck, love and blessings in 2021

Teresa Dellbridge