Midsummer Solstice occurs this year on June 20th.  ‘Solstice’ means ‘standing still of the Sun’.  The Sun appears to remain held in the sky at its highest, brightest point for us in the Northern Hemisphere.


In times gone by this was an occasion for joy and celebration.  Today the Solstice can still be a very special date in your diary.



  • Traditional meanings of Midsummer
  • How to make it your time of fruition
  • Creating an altar
  • A simple Midsummer rite
  • A visualization



In primitive times the movements of the Sun were considered vital to life.  The Sun was a god, or goddess – or at the very least controlled by a powerful deity.  People felt grateful for all the gifts of light and warmth and wanted to show the gods they honoured them.


Today we know all about the science of the solstice, and what really happens in the sky.  But that’s all in our heads.  In our bodies, and our instinctual minds we carry on responding to the seasons and the ebb and flow of energies at different times of the year.


Make the Midsummer Solstice a special time for you by getting in harmony and celebrating in your own way.



It’s all too easy to dwell on negatives in life, especially following the recent difficult months.  But how about what’s going right?  Even if you’re struggling, there will be countless things large and small that are good, enjoyable and successful.


Think about health – if yours is fine it’s very easy to take it for granted.  Then there’s home, family, job, hobbies, friends….. Simple pleasures like putting your feet up and having a cup of tea are priceless.  Realise that the good things in your life are there through your positive thinking and positive actions.  Give yourself a pat on the back and look forward to more of the same.




You can use a shelf or cupboard-top in your home for a simple altar.  The purpose of this is to focus your mind, so you appreciate and enjoy your gifts and feel a reverence for the powers of life.


Place on your altar a picture of the sun.  Light an orange or gold candle and burn a frankincense joss stick.  Decorate your altar with summer flowers and if you wish, find pictures or effigies of sun deities that appeal to you.  These could include Japanese Amaterasu or Greek Apollo – it’s up to you.


Sit in front of your altar and contemplate all the things in your life which are working for you, especially those which have recently come, or are coming to fruition.  Resolve to shed anything that’s not worth your efforts, and to concentrate on a few inspiring things.




A ‘rite’ is an outward sign of inward change, and it can be very simple.  June 21st is a Sunday, just a couple of hours after the Solstice moment.  Get up at 2am.  Go to the top of your nearest hill and watch the sun come up.  If you check on line you may be able to find a local group of nature worshippers, Druids or similar who are going to a special location somewhere near you, to do just that.


Even if the weather is cloudy, there’s still a magic in the moment the light starts to grow.  Pick up a small stone or pebble from the place where you’re standing, hold it in your hand for a moment and say ‘I dedicate myself to Light.  I will bring optimism and smiles to myself and others.’


Pour your positive feelings into the stone and take it home to put on your altar – see above.  Light a candle and make a drink to celebrate the height of the Sun.



Meditating can put you more in tune with your surroundings.  Often it’s helpful to ‘meditate’ with a guided visualization.  The following is designed to help you slow down and be mindful of what this high energy time means to you.  It can help you make choices on your life path.


Settle yourself comfortably and make sure you can’t be disturbed by people or pets.  Turn off your phone.  Light a candle if you wish – make sure your surroundings aren’t too bright.  Play soft instrumental music if that feels right.


Imagine that you are in a beautiful garden.  It is luxuriant with midsummer blooms.  The grass is velvet-soft.  Butterflies flutter, bees buzz and the air is warm and sweet.  You realise this is a place of beauty, balance and contentment.  Look around you for a while.


This garden is bounded by a hedge, fence or wall.  Through this there are doors or gates.  You begin to notice these.  Ask now for help in finding your way in life.  Look at the gates – do you feel drawn to go through any one of them?  Choose whichever is most appealing.  If you can’t make up your mind, simply stay in your garden, feeling grateful for its beauty, until you feel drawn to a gate.


When you are ready, go through your gate.  How does it feel to make this transition?  What sort of place are you in?  Who or what is there?  Are the surroundings pleasant or challenging?


Explore this place as long as is comfortable.  Don’t rush.  When you’re ready, return to your garden, enjoy it for a while and come back to everyday awareness.  Make sure you are grounded by patting yourself all over and having a drink.


Write down what you’ve experienced.  Your subconscious will probably have suggested to you a course of action at this turning-point in the year.  Don’t rush to interpret anything – let the messages filter through.