LUNAR LORE


The Moon is mistress of magic, poetry and insight.  A great deal of research shows that the phases of the Moon affect life on earth, so your emotions, health and moods may all have more connection with the Moon than you realise.


The following are selected extracts from Teresa Dellbridge’s  book ‘The Little Book of Moon Magic’, recently re-released by by Rider in October.


At the end of October, coincides with the Full Moon this year.  This means that excitement will run higher than usual, and because of the heightened state of awareness experienced by many people at this time, there may well be more actual hauntings and spooky happenings.  To keep your mind on higher things, using the Moon to boost your intuition and spirituality, try the following ritual.  You may also like to adapt the family moon celebration




You will need a large bowl, preferably made of silver, and a jasmine joss-stick.  If you cannot perform this ritual outside, or indoors where the light of the Moon pours in, then use three candles, or a large, thick silver candle as a substitute for the moonlight.


Burn incense of jasmine – a joss-stick will do.


Look at the reflection of the Moon/candles in the water.


Say ‘Lady of dreams, be my inspiration, Gypsy of the Skies, be my guide, Queen of the Night be my protector’


Drink a little of the water.  Immerse your hands in it, anoint your face, eyes, lips, breast, belly, feet and any part of you that you feel needs healing.  If you wish to become pregnant trace a spiral of the water around your navel.  If you’re trying hard with something intellectual and/or mentally creative, draw the spiral on your forehead.


Leave a clear quartz crystal in the water overnight.  Keep this for inspiration over the coming weeks.


Pour any unused water onto the ground.






Timing your life by the Moon may mean that you function better and feel healthier and more energetic.  It will also put you in touch with your instincts and help you to fine-tune them, for spirituality and practicality.  Need an excuse for a party or outing?  The phases of the Moon can give you ideas.


AT NEW MOON  Make plans and new beginnings, or make a new start on an established projects.  Put ‘new resolutions’ into practice.  New Moon is a great time to meet new friends, start a class or take up a new sport or hobby.


WAXING MOON.  Now projects can get into their stride.  Be careful of overdoing things.  Direct your enthusiasm well.  Get in touch with friends, be active.  If you need to be on a ‘build-up’ diet now is the best time for your body to absorb nutrients.


FULL MOON  Bring things to fruition, abandon what isn’t working.  Parties, outings, events, cooking in bulk, love-fests – all go best now.  Full Moon is an exciting time for a big get-together.  Romances blossom and everyone feels more hyped-up.  Buy a big bunch of flowers, open some wine and toast the Moon.  Go to a gig or concert and soak up the vibes.


WANING MOON  Analyse things, shed the unnecessary, have a big sort-out.  A reducing diet will work best now.  Waning Moon is a wonderful sorting out time.  Get together with friends to weed gardens, strip wallpaper and have a quiet time chatting and drinking into the evening with close companions.


DARK MOON  Have a quiet few days, think, reflect and start to plan the next month.  Now is a quieter time.  You may choose to spend it with your family, or alone.  Light a candle, burn some incense, and reflect upon your life and your plans.





Have a family banquet to celebrate Full Moon. [During Lockdown, of course, big parties with friends will not be possible]  Children will enjoy this and it is a great, but very simple way to get them in touch with pagan approaches.  Choose a spread of lunar foods such as milk, cheese, honey, white grape juice, white wine, cucumber, lettuce, white meat such as chicken, seafood (especially crustaceans) white bread and boiled potatoes.  Follow this with a creamy, milky pudding.  Use silver dishes if you can, napkins with an appropriate design and a white tablecloth.  Put fragrant white flowers on the table – use your imagination and make your table as ‘lunar’ as possible.  Light a white candle in the centre if possible in a bowl of water.  All of this makes a big contrast to the usual black and orange Hallowe’en colours, but you can keep the creepy theme with ‘ghosties’ draped in white sheets, and there’s certainly no harm in having a pumpkin or two hollowed out!.


Use words of your own choosing, such as ‘Hail to the shining Goddess, may her light fill our nights, our homes and our hearts’.  Each family member can have their own say.  Women of child-bearing age may wear silver crowns, to celebrate motherhood.  Older women may also like to wear crowns woven with coloured ribbons, celebrating their breadth of experience.   Each person can dress up in clothes that celebrate what they feel the Moon gives them.


Tell fairy stories, Improvise!  Have fun!




Create a shrine in your dwelling, to the Queen of the Night.  You will be getting your unconscious in tune with natural tides and priming your magical self.  You can use your shrine as a base for rituals if you wish, or just regard it as a place of beauty and worship


Select a special shelf and cover it with a silver or white cloth.


Decorate it with silver objects, for silver is the Moon’s metal.  Animal figures are also suitable and some ‘lunar’ animals include dolphins, bears, dogs, cats and snakes.


Place candles there.  You can choose different colours for the different phases – black for Dark Moon, white for Full Moon, silver for New Moon, blue for waning Moon.


Figures of goddesses such as Isis or Diana could go on your altar, or the Egyptian Moon-god, Thoth.


Burn a joss-stick to celebrate the Moon, jasmine for Full Moon, patchouli for Dark Moon


Fresh flowers are lovely, or a simple goblet of water honours the Moon’s tidal power.


Don’t be afraid to put anything on your altar that ‘feels right’ to you.






Intuition is a natural thing!  Candles and incantations are fine, but we develop true contact with our instincts by spending time where they are at home – in nature.


If you want to deepen your understanding and develop as a seer, take regular walks when the Moon is in the sky.  Look at her, watch her in all her moods and phases.  See how the world looks when bathed in the silver glow of Full Moon.  Touch trees to see how they ‘feel’ at Full Moon.  Watch the way animals and birds behave and be aware of the resonance of the earth beneath your feet.


Let your inner eye open in response to the Moon!