Astrology to Empower You



Astrology draws connections between the cycles of the cosmos and human life.  We are all part of an interconnected universe – the Cosmic Web.  Astrology enables us to find our place in this ‘web’. By drawing up a chart of the heavens at your birth, I can get a picture of your personality and potential, and can use this to help you.


There are some people who do not take astrology seriously, which is a great pity.  All the scientific knowledge we now have of the Cosmos has arisen from intelligent and spiritual people (like the great Isaac Newton, and even Einstein) looking for meaning and connection.  The Universe is more than a collection of data and there are influences and links that we do not understand.  Astrology is part of this.  I have studied astrology for forty-five years, having gained the Diploma of the Faculty of Astrological Studies, with their Gold Medal and Veritas awards, in 1989.  Since then I have helped many people through the use of astrology.


Astrology does not tell you your ‘fate’.  It enables you to understand yourself, and therefore to be in control of your life.  Knowing about the current ‘cosmic climate’ empowers you to find a way forwards when things are a struggle.



                   A HELPFUL PICTURE OF YOU


SELF UNDERSTANDING:  I can help you by getting a detailed picture of the dynamics that are ‘you’.  With this in mind I can encourage you get a clear idea of where you are in life, and in your development. I won’t tell you what to do in life or make judgements on you.  I will seek to clarify the issues, so that you feel empowered to make choices.


RELATIONSHIPS:  Relationships are the primary issues in the lives of most of us and astrology can help you take a step back and see yourself, and what is driving you.  It can help to show the subconscious patterns that are shaping your relationships and may be drawing people to you who are not really suitable.  I can help you to find fresh ways to relate to others.


CAREER AND AMBITIONS:  Looking at your chart is about looking at your potential.  You may have talents that you had not considered, you may have made choices based upon negative self-image.  I can help you see yourself in a different light and explore new options.


WHAT’S HAPPENING AND WHAT’S LIKELY TO HAPPEN:  I can look at current trends and tell you how you are likely to experience them.  If you are going through a bad time astrology makes this ‘manageable’ by showing what it means and that it will come to an end.  If times are good I can give you hints about how to make the best of them.  Astrology can make predictions but essentially the future is yours to create!  The better you understand the issues the more powerful you can be.


To draw up your chart I will need the date, time and place of your birth.  If you don’t know the exact time, I can work from a chart using just the date. 


To book an appointment or order a chart please phone me on 07833752173, email or contact me through the website.  Consultations are available through FaceTime, WhatsApp and Zoom, as well as personally, if you live close enough to me.  The session takes 50 minutes/1 hour, and all I say is recorded.  Recordings are then emailed to you, for you to listen to again, following which I am happy to answer further queries, if you have them, by email. Prices available on request – please just email me.